14-year-old who got pregnant was raped by 2 brothers on Holi, Parents Lodged Complaint

Not Sure where we are heading these days. With the days passing, we’re only going worse in terms of moral values. These days one cannot pass a day or turn a news paper’s page without acknowledging a molestation or worse incident. After all, a surprising growth is observed in the number of assault cases recently. Despite the strong amendments and stud transformations, authorities are simply unable to tackle the issue persistently.

The crime on women has reached another level as the rapists here are none other than the girls own brothers.Two brothers raped the 14-year-old girl whose pregnancy was aborted last month on the night of Holi on March 2, police said on Wednesday after arresting them. The two had overpowered the girl when she was going to answer the call of nature, took her to an isolated place and allegedly raped her, said Sector 31 station house officer Gurjit Kaur. A local court sent the two accused in 14-day judicial custody.

The assault had come to light one-and-a half months after the incident, when the girl complained of pain in her abdomen and her parents rushed her to Government Multi-specialty Hospital, Sector 16, for check-up. Doctors found the girl pregnant and informed the police. Initially, the girl’s parents were unwilling to lodge a complaint, but changed their mind later. 

Cops registered a case under Section 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and under Sections of POCSO Act. After the legal opinion, the parents requested for the abortion which is done recently by the same doctors.

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