2018-19 Telugu Year Name | When is Ugadhi in 2018 ?

Here you will find When The Telugu New Year – Ugadhi/Yugadhi is starting in 2018 : Read to know Ugadi 2018 Date, Name and much More..


Ugadi 2018 Telugu New Year is celebrated on 18 March 2018 which falls to be sunday. Ugadi/Yugadi is celebrated by both telugu Kannada people. The Telugu year is the calendar year for the Telugu speaking people of India. Each Yuga (Era) has a cycle of 60 years. Each year of Ugadi year has a specific name in Panchangam (Astrnomical calendar) and the name of the year 2018 – 2019 is Vilambi Shukla Paksha Pradamai (the day after Amavasya) will be the start of new month and year.

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