2020 Telugu Year Name sarvari nama samvatsara Details Importance, Effects

The Telugu Calendar year starts on the day of Ugadi. Since, this festival marks start of the new year in the Telugu culture.

Telugu new year i.e. Ugadi for the year 2019 is on April 6th and in the year 2020 Ugadi falls on March 25th. The year 2019 corresponds to the Telugu calendar year of Vilambi till 5th April 2019 followed by Vikari from the 6th of April until the end of the year.

Ugadi is the Telugu new year festival that comes in the spring season (usually March or April). On this day many trees especially Neem trees bear fresh flowers and leaves. The Ugadi festival is widely celebrated by Telugu people. On this day other neighboring states like Maharastra and Karnataka also celebrate new year.

Ugadi 2020 Telugu New Year ‘ Sarvari ’ is celebrated on 25 March 2020 which falls to be wednesday.

Ugadi on Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Pratipada Tithi Begins – 02:57 PM on Mar 24, 2020
Pratipada Tithi Ends – 05:26 PM on Mar 25, 2020

Sarvari: The native who has birth in the ‘Samvatsara’ of ‘ Sarvari ’ is skilled or experienced in trade activities, is sensual or pleasure-loving, is not conformable to or in accord with friends and remains engaged in acquiring the knowledge of many branches of Learning.

According with Jataka Parijata, the person born in the year Shārvari (2020-2021 AD) will have exceeding wealth and enjoyment and will be cheerful, honest and well-behaved.

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