A new movie Titled Pawanism on Pawan kalyan fans

pawanism movieWe all know that ‘Pawanism’ is the name of Pawan kalyan fans and his followers. Generally pawan fans referrer this name as a brand for them for being pawan kalyan fans. Pawanists are always unique and different from other star heros fans. Pawan is a man who is unique for his social activities. Pawan fans always follow his footsteps. They always been upfront in any social activities whether it may be blood donation camps, orphanage camps, running charities etc. They always been the first to help the needy. They do every thing on behalf of pawanism showing their love, affection and responsibilities towards  the society and pawan Kalyan.

Referring to Pawanism singer Baba Sehgal even made a documentary song on pawan kalyan. Recently Pawan kalyan fans came up with another unique idea. They want to show the people what change they could bring in our society with pawanism in a movie. They started a movie titled pawanism and Mega Brother Nagababu clapped for the muhurtham shot. The unit thanked pawan fans for lending such a powerful title “pawanism”. Lets wait and see what change they could bring in our society with Pawanism.

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