Assam Rape festival satirical story creates social buzz

assam rape festival

A US based news media has published a satirical article as “Assam Rape festival in India begins this week” on November as been creating lot of social buzz. Many believing the article to be true news sharing it on social media. In facebook the post has shared more than 42K times and on twitter more than 2507 times.

After reading the article several Us people went onto comment believing th article to be true. a Terrance went on to write as ,” I WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS FESTIVAL. IT HAS TO BE ORGANISED IN EVERY STATE OF INDIA. i love to participate.”.

An Indian Terrance replied them as “,Not expecting to get my comments published but this is just an joke.. you wanna kow you can contact me and i would help you with enough proof to help you understand that there may be huge number of poor people in India but its one of the most civilised societies in the world..”

Another terrance made a comment with a link to the article, “The Great American Mass Shooting Festival begins next week”.

assam rape fest article

With social media sharing and us & Indian netizens taking on one on one by commenting, the article has been creating lot of buzz on social media.

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