Atharintiki Daredi 13 Days Collections Report

Atharintiki Daredi movie

Atharintiki Daredi movie has collection an excess of 59 crores in 13 days. Atharintiki Daredi has collected approxmately 44 crores in just 13 days in andhra Pradesh.

Nizam – 17.5cr
Ceded – 7.5cr
Nellore – 1.95cr
Krishna – 2.90cr
East – 3.1cr
West – 2.6cr
Guntur – 3.9cr
Vizag – 4.35cr
AP share – 43.8cr
Karnataka+Rest of India – 6.2cr+
Overseas – 9.3cr+
Total 13 days World Wide share – 59.3cr+

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