Baahubali Biggest Mistake Photo : Truth Behind this Viral Photo

Baahubali 2 the conclusion movie which released on 28th April is running successfully and has become highest grosser in Indian cinema history by surpassing Dangal collection in just six collections. While the movie is getting positive reviews from every section of audiences, there are some people who are trying to criticize the actor or the movie by spreading false content or fake stories about the movie and here is the truth behind one such viral photo.

Right from day 1 the below picture is going viral online. Many thought that the picture seemed to be true and felt how could rajamouli has done such Big blunder.


When we dig deep into it we found that the story gone viral is a fake story and is done only with an intention to criticize the movie and director. Pause the video at 1:00 that’s the original scene, this prevalence of false information is quite misleading, it clearly indicates the false propaganda of people, the picture in the above collage is the mirror image of the screenshot at 1:00 in the trailer.

It must be noted that people should be aware of what they are reading on social media, they must recheck the facts instead of blindly following the online media.


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