Baahubali Part 2 to have ‘A Rape of Devasena’ ?

Baahubali Anushka DevasanaThis news might turn out as a shocker for everyone but an interesting update on Devasena Character of Baahubali part 2 is being circulated in filmnagar circles. According to the reliable sources, it is heard that Baahubali part 2 consists of a crucial scene‘A Rape of Devasena’. We heard that a rape scene between Rana and Anushka is going to be shot in the first schedule of Baahubali part 2. Earlier, an Intimate scene between Shivudu and Avanthika in ‘Baahubali -The Begining’ has created lot of buzz on social media and the scene even lead to huge debate on ” The Rape of Avanthika”. Rajamouli has faced a little bit of criticism from a section of Media people . Now, it is interesting to see how Rajamouli handles this scene. Anushka, who plays the role of Devasena will be seen as the queen of Kunthala kingdom in Baahubali – The Conclusion