Best April Fools Day Funny Pranks Ideas in Telugu

Hello Friends Fools day is back. Fools Day day or April Fools day is celebrated 1st April Every Year. This year April 1st is on Saturday and people are looking for Best April Fools Day Prank ideas, Fools Day Tricks jokes and to pull out on this April Fools Day 2017. By now you should be knowing that, it’s not that much easy to make someone fool. After lots of research, we here bringing you some of the best Pranks ideas and also follow your creativity, do according to your plan of action and if you ask me. You need perfect planning and execution to pull out pranks.


Telugu is one the popular and largely spoken languages in Souther India . So we are bring you some ideas for Telugu speaking people. Check out April Fools Day 2017 Funny Pranks Ideas : We are bringing you some of the best harmless funny pranks Jokes you can play on this April fools Day.

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