Daripalli Ramaiah was Once Mocked As Mentally Unstable, He Got Awarded Padma Shri

This man in the picture is once mocked as mentally unstable and now he shocked the people who mocked him. He is Daripalli Ramaiah and he was awarded Padma Shri this year for planting 10 million saplings in his village Reddipalle, Telangana. People in his village used to make fun of him for carrying plant saplings and seeds on his bicycle and now he has suddenly become a celebrity after he was chosen.


In his village Reddipalle in Telangana’s Khamam district, Daripalli Ramaiah is known popularly as “Chettu (tree) Ramaiah” or “Vanajeevi (forester) Ramaiah”. Though Ramaiah hasn’t kept a record of how many saplings he has planted, he says the number would have crossed 10 million or almost one tree for every third citizen of Telangana.

Whenever he travels, he puts a board around his neck like a scarf with the slogan: “Vriksho Rakshati Rakshitaha” (Save trees, it will save you). He says,”I don’t know whether God is pleased with breaking a coconut and offering to him, but I am sure He will be immensely happy if we plant a tree.”


Ramaiah has also been conferred with an honorary doctorate by the Academy of Universal Global Peace. On the second Telangana Formation Day celebrations on June 2, 2016, the state government rewarded him a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.


He says that his responsibility has increased with the Padma Shri. He will continue the campaign till his last breath and would like to inspire at least one crore people so that each one of them plants one sapling each.

Sri Ramaiah has set an example for us to follow. Indian needs more heroes like Daripalli Ramaiah and we need to become one of them. Each indian has unique potential and Hobby which should be utilize for our Nation. How Many Trees Have You Planted till date? 5? 10? This Man has Planted 10 Million! and its incredible. Lets join hands with him to protect the nature.

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