Do you need me to show my calls list? – Anushka Sharma

Here is the exclusive interview of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma Making Some harsh comments on Media when quizzed about her personal life. “It’s my personal life and I’ve every right to go where ever I want. I’m not liable to you or any one else to answer these questions regarding my presence at World Cup and the effect it had on an experienced player. Ask me something that’s related to my career and I will be more than happy to answer them,” said Anushka.

And, when asked whether she has personally called and wished the cricket team/players, she has given another fitting reply. “Do you need me to show my calls list and share my personal data with you? Honestly, no body wants to see this crap in your media channels and i’m clueless why you are trying to ask these stupid questions,” said Anushka. Check out interview ….

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