Elena Deligioz : Is She The World’s Most Beautiful Female Soldier?

elena-deligioz-most-beautiful-soldierHave you ever the seen picture above? I think you answer might be yes. you might seen on INTERNET. She is quiet famous & her meme pics has been in circulation for past years on social media especially on facebook as “The World’s Most Beautiful Soldier”. Yes She is Elena Deligioz and many believe that she is the world’s most beautiful soldier. But the real question is ” Elena Deligioz : Is She The World’s Most Beautiful Female Soldier?” and Also is She a Real Soldier.elena-deligioz-in-army-dress

When you Elena Deligioz in Soldiers outfits you cannot deny that she is most beautiful soldier but the reality is that she is not a real soldier. Elena Deligioz is truly a beautiful woman but she isn’t likely to gain the rank as the “world’s most beautiful soldier” because, well, she’s not a real soldier.


Elena Deligioz just loves photography and ultra-cool army collectibles. To satisfy her passion, Elena even opened a shop dedicated to providing clothing, accessories, military models To advertise the store, Elena took pictures with her products. Which unexpectedly, causing a little bit too much attention. Pictures of Elena Deligioz quickly spread and received many positive comments. Netizens assert that if join the army, she will be one of the most beautiful female soldiers.
Now , do you agree with that?

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