Facebook to Charge $2.99 per Month from 1 November : Fake News

Most of the people on Social media shocked to see a false news stating “Facebook to Charge Users $2.99 per Month from 1 November” and taken forgranted and few moved on thinking to find another social networking to hang up with friends. The almost believable hoax was started by a satirical portal, National Report. Most of the posts published in National Report portal would fake and it’s just satircal posts.

FB to charge from Novermber

If the free to use Facebook implements a monthly fee, then most of them would drop from using it and it would adversly affect the business which is used to promote their stuff and bag millions of dollars monthly. So relax, and sit back, Facebook is not going to charge its users any amount. In short, it is all rumors – and Facebook, as it advertises on its homepage, is still “free and always will be”

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