High-end Luxury Car Struggles On Potholes in Indian Road

‘Never Get Richer Than The Government’: High-end Luxury Car Struggles On Potholes in Indian Road.

Well, this video might change your views. A hilarious video has been going viral on Twitter, showing a luxury car trying its best to avoid getting stuck in the potholes in the road, or we can say he is trying to find the inches of road in the potholes. The video was shared by a user named Godman Chikna and it is captioned, ‘Never get richer than the government.’

The way the car is apprehensively towing the road, is spine tickling. You almost find yourself wishing it gets stuck so that the person learns a lesson as to what they were thinking, bringing a car like that out on Indian roads. The contrast in the video is striking – on one hand are the indistinguishably mud colors scooties, cars, trucks and on this other this red beauty, high-end Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, which attracts all your attention. The car costs over Rs 1 crore in India, by the way.

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