India boycotts Saarc Summit, Ratan Tata proud of Indian Government Firm Stand

In Response to the URI attack Indian government has been making all efforts to isolate Pakistan on world stage . In the process the Indian Government Stepped out from participating in SAARC summit and asked the Pakisthani Government to take firm action against terrorism in their country.


India’s most respected Industrialist Ratan Tata lauded the decision of Union Government to boycott the Saarc Summit after the Uri terror attack which resulted in the death of 18 soldiers. ‘So proud of Indian govt’s firm stand on bycot of SARC mtg & overwhelming support by member nations (sic),’ he wrote on his Twitter page.

The Tweet has viral in  no time. the tweet has been re-tweeted almost 7,000 times in about 16 hours. As soon as India pulled out from SAARC summit, neighboring countries Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan too announced they have pulled out of the SAARC Summit slated to take place in Islamabad in November this year.

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