Is Bahubali making vedio theme copied?

prabhas bahubali poster 3Young Rebel star Prabhas starrer Bahubali making video which was released on Prabhas birthday has been making wonders in Tollywood. The video was instant hit and got over whelming response from Telugu audience. Every one talking about Bahubali making video and lot of hype was created just with the making video. But the latest news spreading on social networking sites is that the theme of Baahubali making video is a copied one. Is really Baahubali Making video theme copied?

As per the reports, the theme of the Bahubali making video has been downloaded from videohive company. By adding making vedio of Baahubali to the downloaded theme and with some modifications and with a new background score Baahubali making vedio has been released. The original theme of the video is from ‘Comic Epic Promo teaser’. Does Bahubali makers really copied the theme?  It’s up to you to decide. Here are those videos.


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