Kajal Agarwal Goes Backless in GAV

Kajal Agarwal Backless in GAVFinally, Much Awaited movie of the year Govindhudu Andarivadele Movie Released all over the world and the movie has given Two new surprise to all Telugu movie lovers. If Charan’s never seen New style of acting is one thing the other would be definitely Kajal Agarwal. The seductress Kajal Agarwal has made wild male horses go mad in theaters.

Kajal looked so hot, enchanting, curvaceous and ravishing in every frame and one would feel they missed hell of a lot more than just a scene if they even missed on single frame of her in GAV. Kajal even appeared backless in one those romantic scenes with Charan. Her hotness is at peaks and she is at her best with her glamour show and puts the best of her curves on display in GAV. If you are girl you would definitely Jealous of Kajal and if you are a male then you will envy charan watching him in numerous kisses with Kajal.

Meanwhile the family entertainer some good response even from Overseas(US/UK) Countries. Krishna Vamsi is the director for the movie.

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