KeralaFloods: Mega Family’s Big Heart

Mega Family has always made generous contributions whenever people are in dire state due to natural disasters. Be it Hudhud Cyclone or any other calamity, The biggest contribution came from the Megas. Once again, People got to see their helping nature..!

Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan donated Rs 25 lakh each for Kerala Flood Relief Fund. Even Chiru’s Mother Anjana Devi contributed Rs 1 lakh for the people in need of help. In addition, Medical Supplies worth Rs 10 lakhs has been provided to the Flood Victims.

Already, Allu Arjun announced Rs 25 lakh donation to CM Relief Fund. Geetha Arts owned by Allu Aravind came forward to contribute entire Kerala share of ‘Geetha Govindam’ for the Flood Relief Fund.

A Single Family in the Telugu Film Industry came forward to donate around Rs 1 crore for Flood Relief. Isn’t it enough to inspire many others?

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