Mahesh Babu 1 Nennokkadine movie Producer logged complaint

mahesh babu producer filed a complaintWe all know that Mahesh Babu new movie 1 nenokkadine latest teaser has been removed from youtube recently by the youtube officials for voilating their terms & conditions. But we dont know the actual reasons for removing the teaser. here comes the actual reason. nenokkadine movie teaser which was released on behalf of Mahesh Babu birthday has crossed 20 lakhs mark in no time. Even the movie makers announced officially that teaser in the official 14 reels channel has crossed all youtube records related to TFI. But the youube officials has detected that there was lot invalid activity going on with this teaser. Some unknown persons has generating too many invalid clicks and thus youtube has removed this vedio. The producers has officiall logged a complaint cyber crime department. Here is the complaint..

Mahesh producers logged complaint

Nennokkadine movie producer asked the cyber crime department to investigate the issue and asked to find culprit and to get beck teaser back on youtube.

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