Pawan kalyan in Charmi mantra 2

Dont get excited by seeing the title. Pawan kalyan is not doing any sort of role and is not at all associated with Mantra ¬†2. Then what’s the title is all about ???

With Gabbar singh and Atharintiki Daredi movies success Pawan craze is sky rocketting. Most of the hero’s & directors are making use of pawan craze to promote their movies. Some of the heros are dancing for remakes of Pawan kalyan songs and some of them using ¬†popular words in pawan kalyan songs as titles to their movies.

Now Charmi too joins the list of people using pawan craze. Recently few stills of charmi mantra 2 have been circulating over net. In one of those pics Pawan Kalyan still from atharintiki daredi movie is pasted on one of the walls. Pawan photo was clearly visible in that mantra 2 pic. The whole idea was to attract pawan fans. It seems that charmi wants to chash in the craze of Pawan Kalyan. Here is pic of Mantra 2.

Chanrmi mantra 2

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