Pawan Kalyan on Chiranjeevi in Atharintiki Daredi


Pawan MS

Pawan Kalyan Atharintiki Daredi movie has released all over the world yesterday and turned as a blockbuster from first show itself. Fans are thoroughly enjoying the Onliners and punch dialogues written by trivikram. However, a small conversation between Pawan and MS making making fans happy. The conversation goes as follows,

Pawan kalyan: “eeyana evaru?”

MS: “Chiranjeevi ani..”

Pawan kalyan: “Acting baane chesthunnaadu. Ippudem chesthunnaaru?”

MS: “maanesaaru sir”

Pawan kalyan : “Yenduku?”

MS: “vaallabbayi chesthunnaadu”

This conversation reminds Khushi. Where in a conversation with Bhumika, Pawan Kalyan says the name “chiranjeevi” in a way that he hears the name for the first time.

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