Puri Jagannadh Shocks Pawan Fans Yet Again

“Maybe he’s powerstar to you, but for me he is God”, avers Puri Jagan, lifting the excitement of Pawan Kalyan’s fans to the sky at “Loafer” platinum disc function. While the war of words between Pawan Kalyan fans and Puri Jaggannadh are still on, Loafer Triple Platinum has given a new dimension. When Puri started his speech, Pawan Kalyan fans yet again started Chanting ‘Power Star Power star’ and to silence them Puri Said, “Maybe he’s powerstar to you, but for me he is God”.

and then followed by a satire “Mark my words, tomorrow, even Varun Tej will amass similar irritating and disturbing fans like you. He will become a big hero among all the mega heroes”.

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