Ram Charan Is Last Hero To Have Fans : Naga Shourya

Young hero Naga Shourya talks very less but whatever he speaks it comes out if his heart. He has proved this yet again in the latest interview where he opened about the fans and stardom. When the anchor asked Naga Shourya about fans and following, Naga Shourya simply said that the tradition of fans ended with Ram Charan.

“Those days were gone and the trends were changed. In the earlier days, it is hard to see the actors in the outside world and people used to wait outside the homes of actors. They used to treat the heroes as gods and because of the same reason they achieved stardom. But now, all of us are seen regularly outside doing promotions of our films. They see us more frequently and there is no surprise factor for them. They just like us and love our films but I don’t agree that they are our fans. Even if for that matter, if anyone says that they have fans in the current days, I would certainly won’t believe the it”.

Naga Shourya also told that the stardom and the following have to sustain. He told that he was surprised to see Nithiin getting back to the stardom after 16 flops.

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