Real star Srihari full details


Full details of Hero Srihari

49 years old Srihari was born in Balnagar in Hyderabad on 15 August, 1964. Srihari married to a popular actress Disco Shanthi. He has two sons and one daughter.  Unfortunately lost his daughter Akshara at the age of 4 months. From then he started doing charities on her name. Akshara foundation is the name of the charity which is being run by Srihari. He also adopted four villages in Medchal area.

Filmy career:

Srihari started his career a stunt master and then started doing negative roles. For the first he was introduced by Dasari narayanarao as hero in ‘Police’ movie. He lasted appeared in Police game.

Due to Liver related disease, Srihari was died in Mumbai Lilavathi hospital on wednesday evening, october 9th 2013.

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