Some Unknown Shocking Facts About Baahubali Movie

Baahubali PosterSS Rajamouli’s Directorial Magic ‘India’s Biggest mostion Picture’ “BAAHUBALi” starring Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty , Thammannah, Satyaraj, Ramya Krishna in lead roles has successfully completed 100 Days run at the indian Box office. Its been 100 days the Epic movie has been released into theaters. Here are few things you must know about Baahubali. Here are Some of the Unknown Shocking & Intersting facts about Baahubali and its making.

1. Almost 3 years of hard work.
2. Baahubali has entered Guinness Book of World Records by making the largest poster ever.
3. Prabhas didn’t do any movie in this period of 3 years.
4. Around 800+ Technicians worked on Art, Design and Visual Effects.
5. Prabhas has gained lots of weight.
6. Prabhas postponed his marriage.
7. Body Building equipment costs 1.5 Crore INR.
8. Anushka is the only actress worked with Rajamouli for the Second time.
9. Karan Johar joined his hands with Rajamouli.
10. A massive budget of 250 crores.
11. Biggest motion picture of India.
12. 45-foot-high scaled sets which was really amazing.
13. No Single flop in his film career – SS Rajamouli.
14. 4.05 million views on YouTube.
15. Trailer on Facebook crossed 1.5 million views.
16. Around one lakh followers on Twitter.
17. Advance booking for Baahubali.
18. 4,000 plus Theatres worldwide.
19. Only film that has been featured on BBC documentary.
20. Around 2000 stuntmen & elephants.
21. Shooting of the film started at Rock Gardens in Kurnool from 6 July 2013.
22. Rs. 20 crores as remuneration to Prabhas.
23. The target for both actors was to consume 2,000-4,000 K. calories per day.
24. Baahubali in different languages – Made in Telugu & Tamil and dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam, English, French, Japanese.
25. Rajamouli’s first full lenght feature film.
26. Peter Hein Has been training the lead actor for weapon training.
27. Prabhas Consumed 40 boiled egg white everyday.
28. There is one thing common between the recent release ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Bahubali’ – both movies share the same special effects team.
29. The film faced legal trouble regarding title Baahubali.
30. The movie has been shot in 16:9 aspect ratio for bigger and better quality pictures.

These are some of the unknown or Lesser known facts behind the making of Baahubali. Thanks for Reading and Share this post with Your friends