Tejaswi Comments on Nude Scene

TejaswiActress Tejaswi Madiwada who is playing female lead in Ram Gopal Varma’s Icecream finally comments on Nude scene rumors.

The other day Ice Cream team release a press note stating that the actress Tejaswi has gone nude for a crucial scene in the movie Ice Cream. Later this turned as the most discussed and hottest topic on social media for the entire day. As per the reports suggest actress Tejaswi was flooded with plenty of phone calls and media tried to catch up with few family members to get their views.

After the entire buzz created finally Tejaswi came out to comment on this. Tejswi said ‘They have shot one of the tricky scenes on me in a room. They have fixed the cameras and asked me to just act spontaneously on my own. As the scene was completed, I switched off the cameras and came out. Wait till the release of movie. You watch the same scene in theaters and then decide whether I acted in any nude scene or not.’

Looks Like director RGV who is known for creating controversies to promote his films played all the cards right this time too. Navadeep is playing the male lead.

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