Telugu NRI on Skype call after Breakup with his Girlfriend : Shocking Video

Recently Some news like this Happened in HYDERABAD. This Is girl version Nirosha, a stay with a Telugu music channel, whose wedding with a NRI was planned to be held in a couple of months, submitted suicide by swinging from the roof of her lodging after a long discussion with her life partner over Skype. The Video is based On Real Incident.

The video is based on real incident. Telugu NRI on Skype call after Breakup with his Girlfriend. Take a look at the video that shows an NRI person committing suicide after talking to his girl on Skype.

In the Video A shocking incident happened when a girl is talking with an NRI guy when she in a Skype call with him. When the Skype call began the girl seems to be disappointed with the guy’s behaviour.

She told him everything thing is over and felt loving him is the biggest mistakes she has ever done. At the end of the conversation, The guy wished her a very happy birthday and jumped out of the window and committed suicide.

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