Telugu Year Name Hevilambi Samvatsara Details Importance, Effects

Hevilambi Samvatsara Details Importance, Effects : According to the ancient deccan calendar which is the calendar year for the both Telugu and Kannada speaking people of India there 60 ye years and each year has a specific name. These combined sixty years is called one Yuga it means Each Yuga (Era) has a cycle of 60 years. Each year Year starts with spring i.e., in the month of March or April and is celebrated as new year which is termed as Ugadi/Yugadi Festival..

Telugu Year for the English Calendar year 2017-2018 is called as Hevilambi or Hemilambi Naama Samvatsara.


Hevilambi: If the birth is there in the ‘Samvastsara of ‘Hevilambi’ or ‘Hemalambi’, the native is endowed with horse, means of conveyance which is costly, of high speed and four wheeled, gold, clothes, wealth and grains and gems. He has the happiness of having a good wife and sons and he has the tendency of collecting all kinds of material things (for comfort and convenience).hevilambi-nama-samvatsara-ugadi-images

Hevalimbi Savatsara Meaning/Effects  : The Hindi word ‘Hema’ is the synonym of ‘Suwarana’ or gold. Such natives are generally seekers of comfort and happiness. They have materialistic point of view and are very successful in worldly matters. They proceed towards prosperity right from their young age. They have the tendency to bring to their homes even the costliest of things. They regard their own comfort and happiness as of prime importance. Such a person is respected in society only due to his prosperity or richness. Otherwise he is very miserly. Such a person is of little use to anyone when his help is needed or when an occasion to help others arrives.



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