This TMC Leader Showed ‘The Finger’ To Arnab Goswami On Live Television

Mahua Moitra has arrived and how. Her maiden fiery Lok Sabha speech took the whole internet by storm, with people hailing her as a ‘new star’ in the world of Politics.

On Tuesday, Mahua Moitra, a first-time Trinamool Congress MP, gave her first speech in Parliament attacking the PM Modi led government, where she listed the “danger signs of early fascism in India”. Her speech not just won the hearts of millions but even gained the attention of international media.

Mahua Moitra listed seven signs of early fascism in India including these heads: “Lust to divide the country”, “permeating human rights disdain”, “control of mass media”, “creating an atmosphere of fear”, “citizenship issue”, “disdain for intellectuals and the arts”, and “erosion of independence of the electoral system”.

Amidst her hard-hitting speech, the MPs of the ruling party tried to shut her down by interrupting and shouting, to which Mahua Moitra gave the most savage response by calling them the “professional hecklers”. She appealed to the Speaker:

“Sir, there is no room for professional hecklers in the corridors of this great hall, I urge you to put the House in order,”

The video of her speech has been making rounds on the internet and is winning the hearts of one and all. But this isn’t the only video of Mahua Moitra which has gone viral on social media, an old video of her is going super viral where she is showing a middle finger to Arnab Goswami on his own show.

Yes, the video was posted by the Stand-Up Comedian Kunal Kamra on his official twitter handle. The video is a part of the January 5 episode of The News Hour debate with Arnab Goswami on Times Now. The episode took place in 2015, where Mahua Moitra along with three others are seen debating on the attempt to murder charge against the man who slapped Abhishek Banerjee,

When Arnab Goswami bombarded her with questions without giving her a second to respond, the ‘savage’ Mahua Moitra responded to him by showing the middle finger.

Check out the video:

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