Top 10 Talented Female Indian YouTubers Who are ruling the Internet

YouTube is the fastest growing service of Google. The popularity of this video providing site is touching new highs every day. As its popularity is increasing, many people are joining this platform. YouTube has given equal opportunity to everyone so they can grow on this platform and can entertain/teach others. Many women are also joining this platform and presenting their work to the world. In India, there are many famous channels of these Female Indian YouTubers which has millions of subscribers.

List of Top 10 Female Indian Youtubers
Here is the list of Top 10 Female Indian Youtubers who are the perfect example of Women Empowerment in the Online world.

1.Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika has a self-titled YouTube channel where she has 7.4 million subscribers. She is a chef and restaurant consultant and posts food recipe videos on her YouTube Channel. The Food videos of Nisha is very popular among Indians.

Nisha’s recipe tricks are very easy and people love to watch it. She also has food columns on news websites, she also has her own website where she shares food tricks in written format. Nisha joined YouTube on 2nd August 2009 and now she is one of the most famous Female Indian Youtubers.

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