Top 10 Talented Female Indian YouTubers Who are ruling the Internet

10.Anisha Dixit

Anisha Dixit is popularly known as Rickshawali famous for her unique style comedy videos related to female life. She started her channel in 2013 with the unique idea of creating videos in moving Auto Rickshaw in Mumbai.

In the initial days, she posts videos in rikshaw which was very unique and user attracting idea then and she got popular in a very short period of time. Her weird action loved by people and now she has 2.2 million subscribers and 320 million views.

These are the Top Indian Female YouTubers and are the perfect example of women empowerment. Most of these channel gives beauty tips and kitchen advice but some of them are providing entertainment with dance and comedy videos. I hope I have covered all-female YouTubers in this article, If I missed someone please do mention them in comments.

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