Trump’s Shocking Decision : US stops issuing premium H-1B Visas!

Donald Trump’s has taken yet another shocking decisionĀ and the new order is a big blow to H1B aspirants. US Government has temporarily stopped issuing premium H-1B visas from April 3rd, 2017. However, All the applications for premium H-1B visas which were filed before April 3rd will be processed.


The notification clearly mentions suspension is applicable to all the H-1B visas filed on or after April 3rd, 2017. Which means, H-1B Visas for Financial Year 2017-18 won’t be processed. This suspension could last for six months.

This move will have big impact on IT Firms and companies could no more send their employees to US even in emergency situations after April 3rd this year.


The suspension of H1B visas, which might last six months, will adversely affect the IT sector

In the year 2015: Indians got nearly 69% of H1B visas issued

Nasscom, the representative body for the Indian IT sector, says the US faces a serious shortage of computer science engineers

Usually, Indian IT Companies ask several employees to work on projects on-site for few months by obtaining the premium H-1B visas. Now, They will be in a big dilemma. The latest development could be part of Trump’s H-1B Reforms.

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