Ugadi Pachadi Reciepe and its Importance

Hello Friends and It’s New Year time for the people living Deccan Part of India. First of all let me wish you a very Happy Ugadi to all the readers and friends celebrating. Today march 29 telugu people, Kannada people will be celebrating the new year eve. Wishing a happy and prosperous year ahead. It is a day celebrated to mark the beginning of New Year in Andhra and Karnataka. It is also celebrated in few other states.

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This UGADI festival is famous for Ugadi Pachadi and Chanaga Pappu Bakshalu Dishes. UGADI Pachadi receipe is the most important dish that is prepared on the day of ugadi and is offered to Gods seeking blessings for the year ahead. Ugadi pachadi is a mixture that has sweet, sour,salt, pungent, spice and bitter. It signifies that life is a mixture of happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear and surprise.


We here at providing you the ingrediants needed to make UGADI PACHADI and also how to prepare it. Read our Post to know► How to Make UGADI Pachadi?

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