VIDEO: Pakistani Fans Mock Virat Kohli And Company after the Match

Pakistani Fans Mock Virat Kohli And Company  : The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final didn’t prove to be a happy affair for India as it lost by 180 runs to it’s arch-rival Pakistan who completely out played India in ever department of the game. The ‘Beta-Baap’ rant which Sehwag initiated before the tournament is now being used by Pakistani fans to troll us. In a rivalry as intense as this, these moments are bound to happen. Pakistani Fan Asked “Baap Kaun Hai?”! Here’s How Furious Mohammed Shami Reacted!

Watch: Pakistani Fans Abusing Kohli And Other Indian Players:

These sort of things happens in a big match like this but one thiing Pakistani fans must remember is that Indian team also put in good efforts to reach this level. If not in cricket, India defeated Pakistan in hockey and we are all are happy with that.

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