What is a Surgical strike? – All you need to know about Surgical strikes

Wednesday night Indian army has conducted surgical strikes along the Line of Control at POK and killed 38 Terrorists. For the first time in about 30 years Indian army has crossed the LoC to conduct surgical Strikes to neutralize terrorists but What is Surgical strike? How is it carried out?


A surgical strike does not mean war. A surgical strike is essentially a swift and targeted attack on specific target that aims to neutralize them while ensuring minimum collateral damage to the surrounding areas and civilians. A military operation that puts the forces on the offensive against a precise enemy target and return to primary positions with lightning speed qualifies as a surgical strike.A surgical strike requires solid intel, exhaustive planning and need to be carried out with precision to achieve it.

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How is it carried out?
These attacks can be carried out via air raids, airdropping special ops teams or a ground operation. All three Indian armed forces have their separate special ops teams. Surgical strikes require not just detailed and exhaustive planning but need to be carried out with absolute precision to achieve the objective of taking down targets with either no or minimal collateral damage.

External intelligence is vital to carrying out these attacks and these special operation teams work closely with the service intelligence departments, Intelligence Bureau and R&AW hawks.

The details of the surgical strikes have understandably not been revealed by the Indian authorities.

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