Who is Helping Swetha Basu?

Recently, the actress released from rescue home and reportedly she is now in her home town Mumbai. Many celebrities supported Actress Swetha Basu Prasad publicly when she was caught in prostitution case. Young hero Manchu Vishnu is one among those celebrities who extended his support to the actress by offering a role. He Personally went to the rescue home to meet Swetha Basu Prasad and rescue home incharge Sunitha Krishna Confirmed the news.

Rescue Home incharge Sunitha Krishnan said, “Hero Manchu Vishnu met Swetha Basu Prasad When she was at rescue home and offered a role to the actress if she was ready to act in movies again.”

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“Swetha Basu Prasad helped the children to learn english in rescue home and she is now changed a lot as a person” Rescue home incharge Sunitha Krishnan added.


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