Will Pawan Kalyan quit movies?

Pawan Kalyan dilraju movie

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is undoubtedly the No.1 hero in Tollywood. Pawan Kalyan career is now at peaks. We all have seen many people cashed in the name and fame of Pawan kalyan in one way to promote their movies or the other. Over the last few weeks there were many speculations regarding the political entry of Pawan Kalyan. Mega brother Nagababu released a press note putting an end card to all the speculations regarding Pawan Kalyan political entry. However, the filmnagar circles has taken another hot topic for discussion on Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan had expressed his interest to live a normal life as farmer. For some reasons he was forced to act in movies. several times he said that he is doing movies only because of his fans and he would have wuit movies long back without his fans.

The latest discussions from filimnagar circles saying that “Pawan kalyan might quit movies” by referring to the statements mentioned above. According to the view of the fellow people who participated in the discussion,  Pawan kalyan is currently busy with Gabbar Singh2 movie and then he had announced  Kobali movie in his own production and a movie with PVP banner. To complete all the three projects, it will take around 3 years of time. As pawan Kalyan is not so interested in movies and based on the situations present after 3 years,  Pawan Kalyan might quit movies. He might decide to take up farming or another profession. It will depend on the situations present at that time.

Though the discussion looked bit foolish to me, the reason to  post this article here is ..there is a point to think about.

Will Pawan Kalyan really quit movies after 3 more years?

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