Wind damages Country’s largest Tricolour in Hyderabad

Indian Flag Hoisted in Hyderabad on Telangana formation dayOn June 2 as part of Telangana formation day celebrations Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao hoisted the Indian National Flag. It was unfurled on India’s second highest flagpole that is 291 feet high.

Four days after it was unfurled, officials on Monday took down India’s largest flag as strong winds ripped it apart.
In line with the strict flag code, officials replaced the tricolor late Monday night. A “damaged or dishevelled flag should not be displayed”, according to the code.  Experts blamed the flag’s size for the damage and added that its length was not in proportion with the height of the mast. Wind damages country's largest tricolourOthers said the quality of the material used for the flag – which a Kolkata firm had manufactured for Rs 1.3 crore – was poor.

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