Zanjeer Shocking Bollywood Big Heros

Finally Zanjeer is all set to release on September 6th. Zanjeer is one of the most awaited movie in bollywood and in south India. intrestingly  the movie is all set to shock big hero’s of Bollywood. The top Stars of bollywood had wide range of market in India and overseas… Sorry their market is confined too north india and overseas. Every big hero of bollywood will realease their movies in maximum No. of theaters in north india and when it comes to south their market sucks when compared hugely. They release only in limited theaters in south india.

Ramcharan who had wide range of market in south india not only in Andhra Pradesh but his movies Magadheera, Naayak did well even in Tamil and Malayalam. Now his movie bollywood debute movie Zanjeer is all set to release in all four languages. Makers are planning to release in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam at a time. Priyanka Chopra who is playing the female lead role is one of the strong contenders for no 1 stop in bollywood and has huge following. The makers are believing that priyanka will bring the Hype in bollywood where as Ramcharan will create all the buzz in South India.

So, they makers are planning to Release the movie in maximum No. of theaters both in North India and South India. As per the sources the movie is already doing more than 120 crores of business with theatrical rights and satellite rights catching the eye of bollywood big heros. If the movie gets some positive talk after the release the movie might become one of the biggest hits at box office. This makes the bollywood heros shock.

Lets see Will the bollywood hero’s will concentre on south ….

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